Hustle Smarter Stock Club

4 week programme + much more!

Overview of your benefits:

  • Access to a leading user friendly stock market podcast released weekly to boost your confidence and knowledge 
  • Knowledge of the 20k tax free profit account we use - saving you an exponential amount from tax
  • Gain dividends quarterly 
  • Zoom meeting calls for members for 4 weeks 
  • Access to leading websites we use to analyse our stocks
  • Access to my personal proven investment strategy 
  • Trading account set up either demo/live
  • Knowledge of the profitable companies I invest in so you can replicate
  • Access to our stock club community
  • Formulae buying stock at 85% discount


Programme content:


  • Introduction to the stock market
  • Our plan
  • Principles of investing
  • Significant formula
  • Ultimate secret

Week 2

  • Reinforcing plan
  • Duration of investing
  • Set-up of brokerage account demo/live 
  • How to buy a stock at an 85% discount

Week 3

  • Contextual research
  • Analysis of graphs, treasury yield curve
  • Compound Interest, dividends 
  • Knowledge of our portfolio 
  • Continued set-up of brokerage account

Week 4

  • Swing trade real life example 
  • Fundamental research 
  • Personal mistakes
  • Q & A


The one off exclusive price is £249
RRP: £500

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